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Fishing Regulations

Fishing Permits

When arriving by boat, and clearing customs, the vessel will receive a Cruising Permit, which includes a fishing permit for each person listed on the clearance manifest. Keep your permit documents on the vessel at all times.

Fishing Regulations

At the Big Game Club, we take fishing regulations seriously. We’re committed to conservation and hope you, our guest, is as well. It’s important to know and respect the fishing regulations of the Bahamas and Bimini. Sadly, for some anglers catch limits are disregarded, catch and size-limits for conch are ignored, the ‘closed season’ for lobster is considered irrelevant and spearfishing restrictions are for others.

These practices quickly result in an unsustainable fishery. So we ask all our anglers to be good sportsmen and conservationists, and respect the regulations. As with fishing regulations back home, they change frequently, and seldom get less restrictive. Penalties can be extremely severe, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the current regulations posted below.

The current fishing regulations for the Bahamas are established by the Department of Marine Resources, Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources and enforced by local authorities and penalties can be severe. Getting a big fine, or having your boat confiscated, will surely ruin your day. Be a part of the solution, not the problem!

Email any questions you have to : or contact the Outfitter for clarifications.

Bag Limits

We’ve summarized below the list of important bag limits to be familiar with:

Lobster or Crawfish

No more than 10 tails at any given time. Annual closed season is April 1 to July 31. Minimum size limits are 3-3/8 inch carapace length or six inches tail length. Egg -bearing female crawfish are protected.


Limit at any given time is no more than 6 per vessel. Harvesting and possession of conch without a well formed lip is prohibited.


Migratory species shall not exceed 18 fish per vessel at any time.

Demersal Species (grouper, snappers, etc.)

No more than 60 pounds or 20 scale fish.

Stone Crabs

The minimum harvestable claw is four inches. Harvesting of females is prohibited. The season is closed from June 1 to October 15.


Illegal to harvest by any means or have onboard at any time.


In the Bahamas, you are not allowed to use scuba gear or an air compressor to harvest fish, conch, crawfish or other marine animals. A Hawaiian sling is the only approved spearfishing device in the Bahamas. Spearfishing is not allowed within one mile of the coast of New Providence, within one mile of the south coast of Freeport, Grand Bahama and within 200 yards of the coast of all the Out-Islands, including Bimini. Spearing or taking marine animals by any means is prohibited within national sea parks. On a final note: there are numerous Lionfish Derbies hosted throughout the Bahamas to help eradicate these invasive predators. Spearfishing restrictions do apply to the taking of Lionfish other than when participating in events sanctioned by the Government where a waiver of the speafishing regulations is granted for research purposes.

Let’s all respect the regulations. Remember, we ask our Big Game sportsmen to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Thanks!