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    Bonefishing at Bimini Big Game Club

    Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina offers traditional bonefishing packages tailored to backcountry anglers of all skill levels and interest.

    We have some of the best guides in the Bahamas, with legendary experience and world records to prove it. For such a small collection of islands, there’s plenty of bonefishing history, beautiful unspoiled flats and most importantly, an abundance of big fish in the waters around our three little islands called “Bimini” – and that includes Permit too!

    We have kept our angling pressure low to insure a quality experience ….and don’t forget, Bimini holds four World Record bonefish catches, and none is less than 12 pounds!

    Guided fishing is built around a flats management program offering scheduled full day trips from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, or half day trips concluding at lunch.

    The Guides and Boats

    In keeping with the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina tradition to support sustainable tourism, the Resort does not operate an in-house Bonefish guides/boats program. Rather, we work closely and seamlessly with the local guides. Each guide operates his own equipment and the heritage of their boats is the famed “Bimini Bonefisher”.

    This isn’t fishing with state of the art equipment full of graphite, carbon fiber and other esoteric space age materials – nope. It’s fishing the old time way – with skill and local savvy.

    Bone Fish Guides

    Eagle Eye Fred 242-473-0580
    Ebbie 242-359-8273

    Catch And Release

    We encourage all anglers to exercise good conservation practices when fishing the flats of Bimini. For back-country fishing, we are a catch and release only fishing experience.


    Fish at Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina Group Fishing at Bimini Big Game Club Resort

    At Bimini Big Game Club, we’re proud to be working with the legends of Bimini bonefishing – top of class guides bringing you the best that backcountry fly fishing and spin casting has to offer. Backcountry guides are a rare breed – committed to long days on the water, quietly and patiently stalking elusive fish.

    The bonefish guides of Bimini have put their clients into the record books, and tomorrow it may just be you, too! Without a doubt, their passion makes for rewarding experiences that you will remember fondly for a lifetime – and certainly until your next trip! Our gallery of guides includes:

    Bonefish Tommy


    When asked if he was born in Bimini, Tommy responds, “Same house – different room.” A statement like that tells you three things about this man. Tommy Sewell has deep roots in Bimini, he can say a lot with few words and he has a very dry sense of humor. Well, he may have a sense of humor, but he takes his fishing real seriously. Tommy has always loved fishing. During his school lunch breaks you’d find him on the docks, fishing. Equipment wasn’t much of a problem. Generally he used a hand line, and sometimes he’d trade up to a six-foot long pine tree limb! In his day you would jig for jacks with a feather tied strait to the tree limb. Not very high tech, but it worked for Tommy! A professional backcountry guide since 1980, today Tommy excels in stalking the Big Bones with fly rod in hand. He’s spent enough

    of his life on the water to appreciate every day on the water is different, just like his fishing guests. His style of fishing is to help an angler improve his casting ability, learning how to read the water and work with the elements to cast longer distances more accurately. For those new to the sport, his nature is to put you right at ease. Like all fly-fishing anglers, Tommy knows firsthand the frustration and skepticism of beginners. As a pro, he never ceases to be amazed how easy it becomes to shoot a long distance cast with pinpoint accuracy. He gets paid to put customers on the fish, but his real payday comes from his customers who return year after year in search of the perfect cast, and of course that elusive record bonefish!

    Bonefish Ansil


    The elder statesman of Bimini’s celebrated fraternity of bonefishing guides, by his own description he’s been a guide “since Columbus arrived in the Bahamas! No matter, he’s one of the most famous bonefish guides in the Bahamas, and a founding member of the prestigious Bonefish Tarpon Trust. Dateline 1971. Ansil is hired to guide Jeffery Lavenstein on his quest to catch a World Record Bonefish, as part of a marketing campaign to launch a new spinning reel his company was introducing to the public. Ever the showman, Jerry even predicted to Ansil they would indeed catch a new record. Well they did! And it’s a record that still stands today – a 16 pound monster on 12# Test. As with a world record, nothing’s typical in Ansil’s life. A fifth generation boat builder of Scottish heritage,

    Ansil worked as a carpenter during World War II, only taking to fishing as the war wound down. Still today, with a legendary guiding career under his belt, when he’s not on the water, he and his brother Tommy still build handmade boats like their forbearers. “The Legend” as it’s known locally is part bonefish skiff and part fine furniture. It most surely is a work of art – taking over six months to build, refined with precision from years of experience running skiffs across the flats of Bimini. For the dedicated angler, a visit to Bimini is incomplete without making a pilgrimage to his workshop in Alice Town to see firsthand how these legendary boats are built. You won’t be the first; there are volumes of guest books signed by fans from around the world, including the Queen of England herself. And stories he can tell! He and his brothers are the local historians of Bimini. He’ll fascinate you with the fishing antics of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell when he resided on island. He’ll move you with stories of quiet days spent on the flats talking with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But at all times, when he catches you looking out at the flats, he’ll remind you that it’s all about the big bonefish of Bimini.

    Eagle Eyes Fred Rolle


    The first thing that strikes you about Fred is his gentle nature. There is a modesty about him that belies his skills as a waterman and as a bonefish guide. Fred’s dad, Reynold Rolle, was a Bimini bonefish guide, and he got “hooked” on bonefishing at eleven. He fished every day after school. The other kids “made sport” of his passion for bonefishing. As a kid, he never thought he had the discipline to be a guide, because he just loved being the angler too much. But through the years he’s had time to mature and mellow, and today he’s glad to report “My joy in life is getting a guest their first bonefish”. Fred’s been a professional guide since the early 1970s.