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    Bimini Fishing

    Bimini has become well-known for big game fishing – and for good reason! The area has seen over 50 record setting catches. The islands sit on the western edge of the warm gulf stream which carries an abundance of migrating fish and their small prey. In addition to the migrating big game fish, local fish grow large and fat on all of the food that shows up ‘on their doorstep’. This causes Bimini to have great fishing year round. Whether fishing offshore, on the reef, or in the flats, anglers will easily have success sport fishing.

    Fishing past the edge of the drop-off offers opportunities to net large ocean predators like Marlin, Wahoo, and Swordfish. While the stream extends miles both north and south, the best deep sea fishing is toward the south of the island. Keep in mind that the further west and offshore you go, the less the area has been fished. Although, it is certainly true that fantastic specimens have been caught as near as a mile or two from the beach.

    A few miles south towards Cat Cay also offers great offshore fishing. With the right bait and techniques, fishermen will find ample numbers of bottom droppers such as Snapper and Yellowtail. When fishing over the drop-off, anglers should know that deep water is identified by a darker hue. Successful anglers seek out the dark water and keep an eye to the west for birds. Flocking birds are a good indication of fish.

    A different kind of experience, reef fishing in Bimini also yields a plentiful harvest. Seek out the conch and snorkeling spots to find Grouper, Cero, and even King Mackerel. Bimini reefs are teeming with fish – be sure to take plenty of chum to draw them to your boat! It usually doesn’t take long before anglers are reeling in hefty sized fish.

    Bimini’s flats are a perfect location for fly fishermen to fish Bonefish, Grouper, and Snapper. They all make their home in the back bay of the island. Despite heavy fishing, the flats are a pristine environment and the number of fish remains constant.

    Thanks to its steady supply of fish from the gulf stream, Bimini is a popular spot for sport fishing. The flats are also a great place to net a large catch. Finding a good fishing spot is not that difficult as the fish are generally plentiful in this fishing paradise.

    The Bimini Big Game Club offers a variety of fishing options for fisherman/ fisherwomen of all levels.