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Boating Flings

The Gulfstream is a powerful force of nature. Crossing the stream is not to be taken lightly, although we’re constantly amazed at the ever smaller boats that pull into our marina. Imagine crossing on a jet ski!

For the boater with a more caution in his or her DNA, there’s a great way to cross the stream in the safety of fellow boaters. It’s called a “Boating Fling”. Think of it as a road rally on water! Just one checkpoint, the finish line in Bimini at the Big Game Club.

Throughout the year, and in particular during the summer, a number of yacht clubs and other boating organizations plan group crossings. A lead boat and captain pilot the way for a caravan of pleasure boaters on a journey across the Gulf Stream. Flings typically depart on Thursdays, following a mandatory Captain’s meeting the day prior and return on Sundays.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism conducts several Boat Flings each summer, limited to 30 boats for the safety and comfort of the participating fleet. Minimum boat length for all flings is 22 feet. To learn more about the Bahamas Boating Fling schedule at the Big Game Club for the upcoming summer season, click here.

Please Note : The resort pool will be under renovation from April 6 – June 5, 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience. And although the resort is located on the water, an alternate swimming option is the beach, just a 3 minute walk across the island from the resort entrance.